Born in 1956 in Frankfurt/M, at the end love dragged me 1978 to nuremberg. 2008 finally i moved to the gold batting city Schwabach. Here i started to clay my artworks and refine them with New style techniques.

My husband was really supportive and helped me a lot to reencounter my creative sides and to deal with my emotions and fit it into my masterpieces.

Creating gold plated 24k handforged balls, my pieces became unique.

But it took until 2013 to go commercial with my art after a mental breakdown shoke my personal values completely into the ground.

Water ist my element. My artistic strengh and creativity floats with an inexplicable, unpredictable force like it.

Through this force i’m interpreting things i’ve seen and felt into my own language. There is no such thing as practicing just one technique, but free will and decision!